Friday, December 31, 2010

Bienvenue 2011, Au Revoir 2010

Just got back from city. The worst celebration ever for me. The mates were great, its just that there was no celebration in Dublin at all, apart from the partygoers and clubbers having a great time at the new year eve. For us, we just strolling around watching people drinking and celebrating. It would be better to stay at home and play wii. But, at least now we know, how's the celebration here. I really miss having the countdown back in Malaysia, fireworks and celebrating happily with my family.

I've already had my first 'fight' this year. I'm really fed up with his 'BOSAN' attitude in everything we do. I really don't know how to differentiate happiness and boredom.. From now on, I would need to think more about myself and spend more thinking about me rather than him. He really doesn't know how to appreciate me at all. I've tried to make him happy but end up he saying BOSAN all the time, too many people lah, pening. I really don't know why he was so rushing in everything we do.

My 2011 resolutions:

* Enjoy life to the Fullest
* Have more control on my spending and money
* Travel more
* Spend more time with love ones
* ACCA Affiliate in June 2011, Insyallah amin. Need to be more focus on my studies.
* Find a good job
** relationship?

Its already 2.30am, and I can't sleep, so whats next? Watching full house (Korean Movie) :) this really make my day.

Till then, Happy New Year my dear charmers!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

bye2 exam. hello holiday.

Alhamdulillah exam is over. Now is jalan timeeee! weeee.

Just now abis2 exam je tros g tmn eddy gunting rambut. Dh kembang cos x gunting since smpai sini. so dh nmpk hensem balik. hehe. Gunting kt kedai fanatik Bob Marley. Habis sme lagu2 yg de pasang lagu reggae. layan je laaa.

Just finished watching vampire diaries and x sabar nk tunggu next episode. besnyaaaa cerita tuuuu. sila tengok ok wahai chamers2 sekalian. bes gila!

Now x tao nk wtpe dh. Nk plan for travel plak. So stay tune. :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

my super something

You'll see

I'm better

I'm faster


I'm happier

When you by my side....

I'm sorry :(

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ACCA Open Tuition

Hi everyone, today I want to share about a website that I found while I'm looking for study materials for ACCA.

Look what I found:

It really help a lot with my studies as they provide FREE course note and FREE lecture audio for all it members (which is FREE to register).

To those who are self-study, I recommend 100% for you to use this website as part of your study material.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lil' sis

It's almost 2 months.

Bila org tny " Rindu tak kt family? " I always answered x rse sgt lagi. Maybe because dah biasa apart from family mse kt langkawi dulu.

But now dh start rse rindu kt family dh. huhu. especially adik saya yang tembam a.k.a sabby

Rindu nk gado ngn Sabby psl bnde kecik2. Rindu Sabby bising2 and selalu tanya and cakap

 "kenapa along buat mcm ni?"

 "baju along xcantiklah" - padehal dia jeles baju sye lagi cantik.

"along nenas"

"along main la baking life kt FB, tolong adik"

"along jom main chee,kuu,pang" - ok x reti eja nme game tu

and macam2 lagi.

wish you are here. so that boleh dengar adik membebel-bebel n dpt cuddle adik before tdo. miss my bantal busuk!!!

My cute little sister. Miss you darling.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jalan-jalan ke IKEA


After berminggu2 planning nk beli meja. Akhirnya we went to IKEA today to buy my study table. Yaiy! sye akan belajar bersungguh2 selepas ini. Thank you eddy for teman saya. 

Ini la meja yang dibeli.

Welcome to IKEA, Dublin

Ok. Gmbr ini sya nmpk tembam. bes kne tolak ats troli.

My housemate, Thirah with Ayat
Ok. rse cm dh ngntok gileeeee. nk tdo tp nk kena siapkn coursework....huhuhuhu. xpelah esok kne bgn pagi2 n siapkn kerja k azyan. Chaiyok2!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Laksa penang

Kuah Laksa yang dimasak atas periuk nasi. hehe


Tadaa.....Hasilnya. yummy x?
Ever since I came to Dublin, xsah if sehari x masuk dapur. Selalu ada je benda yang rse nk try buat. Hmm totally the opposite of me masa kt Malaysia. hehe. Actually best jgk bila dh boleh masak sket2 ni. Rse satisfaction gle ble makanan kte buat sdp. tp if xjd, dong! kecewa gila. huhu.

Now tgh break 3 hours before start clas blk. so blk umh sat. konon2 nk tdo. tp xjd. cos bru dpt topup lowrate voip. so td call semua my close friends. sme x angkat. dh tdo kot. cos dh kol 12pm mse call td. n hari khamis lak tu. mst org tdo awl. myb weekend nnt sye akan rakan-rakan lagi skali eh.

p/s: syarul, td sye yg call kamo. hehe. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hello Dublin!

I know its been a while since my last post. My life have changes a lot since then. I'm currently not working, actively studying, and had my first experienced of travelling accross the world to Dublin, Ireland last August. It's like a dream come true. Everything changing so fast that I need to speed up myself to adapt with this new reality....

Luckily I brought my helpful, understanding, loveable and funny mr Eddy along. We entered to a new chapter together and had fun trying new things that we found here. But that's before the classes started.

Now, with ACCA less than 2 months we really need to get our gear up to the high limit. Insyaallah we will try our best to get single seating for all our 5 papers. (doakn kami eh :)

Bye my dear charmers.

I'm freaking cool right now in a quiet autumn night. I wonder how would I survive winter???

Sunday, February 14, 2010

quick update

I totally screwed up!
hopefully this is for the best. amin~

Friday, January 22, 2010


Last Wednesday, I tried the trial class at TNT kickboxing Hartamas. Best!! But a bit tiring because dehydrated after 30 minutes doing all the kicking and punching. I forgot to drink my energy portion before I started the class. Maybe because we came in late as the parking lot is full because there’s event at Hartamas.

To make things worse, one guy suddenly come to my car window and asked for RM5. WTH!!! It’s a free parking lot for god sake. I hate this people!!! There’s no point giving them money as they didn’t offer me any services pon. I said to him I came here for kickboxing class and I don’t need to pay him. Then he said ok and goes away. Tapi, ble I pikir-pikir balik nasib baik that guy tak buat pape kt I. He looked fierce btw.

Back to the kickboxing experience I thought it’s just a typical body combat class like in Fitness First. But turn out its tougher and use a lot of your energy because you need to kick fast and hard at the kicking bag (not sure the name of the bag). One person need to hold the bag and the other person will kick at the bag.

So, Maria and I alternately were holding the bag. I thought I kicked quite hard (I imagined kicking a person that I hate most. hahaha. if he’s for real sure sakit ar kena my kick.) but Maria kick kuat jgk ar. My hands sakit the next day. Maybe because of wrong technique when holding the bag…

The trial class is FREE. So if anybody interested to try it just click at

If you have learned any martial arts before you get to join the beginner class during the trial. If no, you need to join the trial class first where they teach you the basic kicking and punching. Overall, it’s really a great experience for me. I will definitely come back as walk in later. My next try out activity is PAINTBALLLLL!!!!! So till then bye2 my dear charmers 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Burj Dubai being renamed

Don't be surprise that Burj Dubai name is no longer in existance. I know this might trigger some curious look from all of you. But, hold your curiosity till you finished reading this post ya.

The world tallest skycrapper building was renamed after its counterpart in Abu Dhabi during its opening ceremony. It will be now known as......

I quoted an article that I get from
"Dubai's ruler surprised onlookers Monday by renaming the world's tallest skyscraper after his counterpart in Abu Dhabi at a lavish opening ceremony in the sheikdom. "
The building, which since construction started has been known as the Burj Dubai, will now be named after Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ruler of Dubai's oil-rich neighbor, who recently sanctioned a $10 billion bailout for Dubai.

Dubai's ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum declared that "This great project deserves to carry the name of a great man. Today I inaugurate Burj Khalifa."

So what do you say???

Happy Birthday my dear uncle

<3 Happy Birthday Pok SU :) 

5th January 2010

We went to Sahara Tent at Shah Alam Mall to celebrate his birthday just now. This is my second time having dinner there. At first, they already reserved our place under the tent ( yep.there's a tent inside the restaurant) but since my grandmother couldn't sit 'bersila' so we change to other table. Than I ordered ........ (I can't remember the name actually.hee)  but  here's a picture of it

Before I forget here's my wishes for Pok Su:

" Semoga panjang umur and dimurahkan rezeki"

p/s:  ble ktorg nk dpt mak su?? lme gle dh tggu uncle is still single.hehe 
(promote sebentar, mne tao tbe2 ada nk masuk meminang my uncle)

and this is me with my typical pose.duh.sye sgt pemalu ok!

my brothers and sister. I really love you guys so much..<3

and during lunch time today we all went to johnny's, OU. here's some of the pictures that i've taken.

All of us 

This is Kak Idealia (left) and Maria

  and the boys that always make my day full with laughter and sometimes make me feel moody.haha.
just kidding :p

Ok that's all my dear charmers :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

I got my 20% toll rebate

Since I am now working in Mont Kiara, everyday I will have to drive for about 27km from my house to my office. Often I encounter with traffic jams, expensive toll and bad drivers (ske cucuk2.even org dh pecut dh). But, nevermind I x ksh pon because yesterday I got my 20% toll rebate!!!!!!! from touch n go.
Banyak tu xbanyak sgt la. Around RM 24.00,enough la for me yg bru start bekerja ni.hehehe.

Usually every month my toll transactions will be around 73 to 77. Last month I finally exceeded the minimum transaction. I got 83 transactions... (for you to be eligible to claim for rebate, your monthly transactions most be more than 80)

So all my dear charmers, if you are a touch n go user. Please register your card at this link:

and who knows maybe you are eligible for the 20% rebates :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Yesterday I bought a new phone. A new phone after 3 years and 6 months. And this morning, for the first time I can hear my phone alarm. I set it at 6.00am and I intentionally want to snooze it because I want to try to snooze the alarms with a hand gesture (haha.sengal.excited sgt ngn phone ni.) mmg berbaloi-berbaloi. Its cheap, simple and yet have 3G.hahaha.that's the most important part. After this, there will be no problem for me to make video call. yes!.

My next mission is to change my telco service provider. I want to use Celcom Exec 50. but the problem is right now I'm only supplementary of my mum. So I need to be main line before I can change and at the same time maintain my number.leceh betol. and I can only do so by going to the Maxis Centre. And the nearest maxis centre is at pyramid. why don't they open one branch at Shah Alam??? (preferably at SACC) Shah Alam is already a city. A maxis centre branch should be open there.full stop!!

Ok la time for me to freshen up and have my breakfast. bye2 my dear charmers!

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