Wednesday, December 30, 2009

nEW YeAr EvE

1 day before 2010. The very last day to furnish or make up your last resolution. For me, I can't even remember what my resolution is for this year. maybe because I never take it seriously I guess. So, for this coming year 2010. I will surely make a list of resolutions ( dalam nada bersemangat).

Yesterday, I watched Muallaf with Syarul at Mid Valley. If you ask me whether its great or not, my answer would be "if you like her previous movie, you will surely like this one. Its typical Yasmin Ahmad movie yet its simple and kept you thinking sometimes." Tonight, I will watched AVATAR 3D...!!! yeay! ( finally!) I know others have already watched it for quite a while and some even watched it twice. But, doesn't matter at least I get to watched it.

I'm in the office right now, while listening to mahezin ( I don't know whether I spell it right or not) from Maria computer. Everyday I'm listening to the same song all over again. And sometimes when I'm in her car, the same song keeps on playing again. She's really into all his songs right now. Thank god the song is nice. I mean I feel "insaf" when listening to the songs.hehe (Alhamdulillah...)

Ok. got to go now. Have to help packing up some stuff because there's renovation in my office.

Bye2 my dear charmers!!!
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