Friday, December 31, 2010

Bienvenue 2011, Au Revoir 2010

Just got back from city. The worst celebration ever for me. The mates were great, its just that there was no celebration in Dublin at all, apart from the partygoers and clubbers having a great time at the new year eve. For us, we just strolling around watching people drinking and celebrating. It would be better to stay at home and play wii. But, at least now we know, how's the celebration here. I really miss having the countdown back in Malaysia, fireworks and celebrating happily with my family.

I've already had my first 'fight' this year. I'm really fed up with his 'BOSAN' attitude in everything we do. I really don't know how to differentiate happiness and boredom.. From now on, I would need to think more about myself and spend more thinking about me rather than him. He really doesn't know how to appreciate me at all. I've tried to make him happy but end up he saying BOSAN all the time, too many people lah, pening. I really don't know why he was so rushing in everything we do.

My 2011 resolutions:

* Enjoy life to the Fullest
* Have more control on my spending and money
* Travel more
* Spend more time with love ones
* ACCA Affiliate in June 2011, Insyallah amin. Need to be more focus on my studies.
* Find a good job
** relationship?

Its already 2.30am, and I can't sleep, so whats next? Watching full house (Korean Movie) :) this really make my day.

Till then, Happy New Year my dear charmers!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

bye2 exam. hello holiday.

Alhamdulillah exam is over. Now is jalan timeeee! weeee.

Just now abis2 exam je tros g tmn eddy gunting rambut. Dh kembang cos x gunting since smpai sini. so dh nmpk hensem balik. hehe. Gunting kt kedai fanatik Bob Marley. Habis sme lagu2 yg de pasang lagu reggae. layan je laaa.

Just finished watching vampire diaries and x sabar nk tunggu next episode. besnyaaaa cerita tuuuu. sila tengok ok wahai chamers2 sekalian. bes gila!

Now x tao nk wtpe dh. Nk plan for travel plak. So stay tune. :)
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