Monday, April 11, 2011

A big 'BANG' for me!

Since this semester I only take 2 ACCA papers. I have a lot of spare time for sleep, playing cityville, makan byk, tdo again, berangan, to be moody, and bla bla bla the list go on. Oh no!!! this is totally not Azyan Liyana.

So, now I dh niat to change. To study more and sleep reasonably, become a good daughter that will call her mom everyday, to control my spending, make fast decision and less feel remorseful afterwards and lastly to become good gf for mr boyfie. :)

Ok.Purposely put this unsignificant picture for this post. =)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Letter to Mr. Z

Dear Mr. Z,

Thank you for taking care of me

Thank you for your wise advice when my mind was such a mess

Thank you for your patience and willing to layan my gila2 mood

You sometimes can drive me crazy answering your silly questions

I love your jokes and stories especially the Rozita Che Wan version

I am sometimes MJ, I admit it but 'sometimes only' =p

I am offcially your underpaid PA, that sometimes I stressed out cause 'semua I kena buat' but than you really know how to clear up my mind back

You always said that you didn't know how to pujuk orang, but you never realise that you actually did ease me from my worries. always

Last but not least
 I Love You so much Mr. Z


Sunday, March 6, 2011


Great Friends Captured Forever =)

Monday, January 10, 2011


I woke up early today. Around 5am. Watching my roomate packing her stuff and get ready for her trip to London. I plan to fast today, thus I make milo and mushroom soup for sahur and breakfast for my rummie. I couldn't sleep right away as I was so full. So for the meantime, I watched Dear John movie. I really love it. I had to admit that it really make me touched. The movie was adapted from one of Nicholas Sparks best seller novels.

I really love to read his novels. My first ever reading his book was 'A Bend In the Road' that I got from my friend as a birthday gift. His story is really amazing. No wonder some of his best sellers was made into movies as it really has a nice storyline. I've already watched 'A walk to remember', 'The notebook' and 'Dear John'. I can't wait to watch more as each time I watch his work, it wont dissapoint me. Haha. I should have got commission for promoting this to you all. I think I'm best at marketing. Should have made this as my career afterwards.

I still haven't figured out what I want to be or where I want to work after I finished my ACCA. To be an auditor like all other accounting graduates or to take the road less taken? Whatever it will be I'm sure Allah have made a good plan for me. I just need to savour to what I have.

I've plan to make 2 entries every week. Hope I keep uo with my plans. The blog title actually refer to 'Dear John' soundtrack song that really have a lot of meanings. Enjoy my dear charmers. =)

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