Saturday, October 24, 2009



 I just watched PAPADOM today.This morning to be exact. I went there with my lil' sis and bro, actually we didn't planned to go to see the movie. It's just that suddenly my bro suggested why don't we watch a movie rather than walking around the shopping complex with no purpose.(it's already end of the month,i'm totally broke!)

Well my review for the movie would be "It's Totally awesome and I salute the production crew and the director for being able to deliver this movie very well." I get to view on another perspective now on why my parents sometimes do the same thing like Saadom did.(I'm not referring to the stalking part of course). seriously, everyone out there should watch this movie and if possible watch it with your family. It is a beautiful family film to be enjoyed over the weekend...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Just a quick note :)

  • Nearly one month dh i start kje.I still can't believe that I'm actually working.
  •  Last Sunday was my graduation day. Seronok bangat dpt jmpe rakan2. Ada orang comment mke i nmpk matured tyme tu,maybe because of the makeup.Free makeup tuuu.Sanggup pergi JJ Bukit Raja pagi2 @ 10.45am tyme org bru bkak kedai semata2 nk makeup.sengal.but its one in a life time ocassion aite? so xpe la kn if i nk look a lil bit diff.Actually nk balas dendam cos dlu tyme convo Diploma mke pucat gle!! x ske.
  •  I'm actually have to do some work. like NOW kot cos dh pkul bpe ni? esk nk bgn pg g kje lagi sme.baju pun x gosok lagi.
  • I'm confuse. very confuse.Ya Allah please give me guidance. 
P/s: Missing everyone plus someone :)
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