Wednesday, December 30, 2009

nEW YeAr EvE

1 day before 2010. The very last day to furnish or make up your last resolution. For me, I can't even remember what my resolution is for this year. maybe because I never take it seriously I guess. So, for this coming year 2010. I will surely make a list of resolutions ( dalam nada bersemangat).

Yesterday, I watched Muallaf with Syarul at Mid Valley. If you ask me whether its great or not, my answer would be "if you like her previous movie, you will surely like this one. Its typical Yasmin Ahmad movie yet its simple and kept you thinking sometimes." Tonight, I will watched AVATAR 3D...!!! yeay! ( finally!) I know others have already watched it for quite a while and some even watched it twice. But, doesn't matter at least I get to watched it.

I'm in the office right now, while listening to mahezin ( I don't know whether I spell it right or not) from Maria computer. Everyday I'm listening to the same song all over again. And sometimes when I'm in her car, the same song keeps on playing again. She's really into all his songs right now. Thank god the song is nice. I mean I feel "insaf" when listening to the songs.hehe (Alhamdulillah...)

Ok. got to go now. Have to help packing up some stuff because there's renovation in my office.

Bye2 my dear charmers!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vampire mode

Holla~ I know it's been a while since the last time I've updated my blog. Lately, my house internet connection was sucks. Always disconnected. Luckily for now it's ok.

Hopefully i can be rajin enough to update my dear blog after this.

I'm so into vampires right now.hehe.I just watched 4 episodes of Vampires Diaries and can't wait for monday to watch 5 more episodes. Yaiy! and next week New Moon will be showing at cinemas. Another vampire hotties i'm looking forward to see.I love Edward Cullen and Stefan. Both are vampires and very protective for the girl they love. I wish I could be like Bella or Elena.

 Is already 5am. I need to sleep now or else I will get headache for the whole day.Bye2 my dear Charmers! (Finally I got a name for my blog readers.)

Saturday, October 24, 2009



 I just watched PAPADOM today.This morning to be exact. I went there with my lil' sis and bro, actually we didn't planned to go to see the movie. It's just that suddenly my bro suggested why don't we watch a movie rather than walking around the shopping complex with no purpose.(it's already end of the month,i'm totally broke!)

Well my review for the movie would be "It's Totally awesome and I salute the production crew and the director for being able to deliver this movie very well." I get to view on another perspective now on why my parents sometimes do the same thing like Saadom did.(I'm not referring to the stalking part of course). seriously, everyone out there should watch this movie and if possible watch it with your family. It is a beautiful family film to be enjoyed over the weekend...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Just a quick note :)

  • Nearly one month dh i start kje.I still can't believe that I'm actually working.
  •  Last Sunday was my graduation day. Seronok bangat dpt jmpe rakan2. Ada orang comment mke i nmpk matured tyme tu,maybe because of the makeup.Free makeup tuuu.Sanggup pergi JJ Bukit Raja pagi2 @ 10.45am tyme org bru bkak kedai semata2 nk makeup.sengal.but its one in a life time ocassion aite? so xpe la kn if i nk look a lil bit diff.Actually nk balas dendam cos dlu tyme convo Diploma mke pucat gle!! x ske.
  •  I'm actually have to do some work. like NOW kot cos dh pkul bpe ni? esk nk bgn pg g kje lagi sme.baju pun x gosok lagi.
  • I'm confuse. very confuse.Ya Allah please give me guidance. 
P/s: Missing everyone plus someone :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2.21 AM

Hye, just got back from beraya kt umh Ma' long Aireen kt Sg. Besi. can't sleep yet.xngntok lg...Really feel nk update much to talk about until i dunno where to start.hehe.I think it's a common problem for every bloggers when they want to start to say something.Today is already 5th day of Raya, ada another 25 days to go.Lots of open house and rendang and lemang and mkn free to come.hehehe.LOoking forward to that.

This Monday (28/9/2009) will be my first day to work.I'm totally excited and at thase same time it is  like to work there? will it be stressful??? (i always said that i want a stressful takot plak if it too stressful).hopefully it will turn out to be just fine.not too complacent i hope.I want to perform my this oppurtunity only knock once in a lifetime.Azyan bersemangat!!!

Lately, i've been too moody with everyone.This is because I'm thinking about this particular friend of mine.He's been busy until didn't have time to contact me.He's my best friend.Of course I want to know what happened to him.Because I know him very well, if he's acting like this meaning that he's facing many problems.And I want to help him as much as i could.I already owed him so much.He knows how to advice me n help me solve my problem and make me feel relief.but, he never give me chance to help him.hmm..sometimes tension gak as I x bley nk tlg pape n when i say something,he can't accept it.huhu.ssh nk nasihat org yang banyak brfikir conclusion nye saya moody sbb i could not reached him lately.Help me on how to nasihat him,please???

Lastly, i nak cakap psl benda idaman i.I've been longing this thing for few years now. Hope dis year I can get it.Thinking about this also contribute to my moody state of mind.

This year Birthday is like previous years.But it is much special as it is 22hb=22years.
Annnddddd my birthday wish before i blowed up the candle is.......
~to kawin cepat! LOL.i cant think of any other significant wishes that time.but layan je la.haha.WHATEVER!!

Footnote:I nk upload pics Raya but xbley plak.heh! and i x larat nk tggu de upload lambat sgt..myb nxt post i will upload it.STAY TUNE...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cooking Mode + Raya

 I dunno what had come to me.But, I really enjoy cooking now.hehe.Maybe because dah sampai seru???
 I really want to learn to cook all the malay dishes yang sedap2.I nk blaja to cook on my own.Selalu tolong mama kacaukn je.huhu.This time around, mama dok kt dpn bace mag while I'm cooking.hee nk jadi anak yang baik :).
And for this coming Hari Raya, my family on my father side had plan to make lemang!!! yaiy! (ni first time ok.) everyone excited.hopefully lemang tu jd la.hehe.

At the same time, I need to help my granny in Kajang too.waaa susah btol jadi buruh wanted ni. Kat Kajang, I'll help to cook rendang.Memang every year family ktorg dh ada contract tok tolong buat rendang.bukan sikit rendangnye, sekuali besar tu kne msk.penat gak la mengacau. hehe.

Tp x complaint cos t ktorg jgk yg selalunye habiskn rendang2 tu.ktorg mkn rendang tu cm "keropok".Tgh tgk tv lapa, g dapur mek rendang shj n mkn cmtu je.tgh borak2 tbe2 lapa pon mek rendang jgk lg.cmne la x cpt habis rendang2 tu.hehehe.

Okies enough mumbling about my new interest. I'm a bit worry right now cos I have 2 baju raya yang tak siap lagi. Alamak!! nasib baik baju for first raya dh siap itu pun amek last Saturday.

And then last week, tailor tu call my mum, dia tny " Boleh saya siapkan dua pasang baju saja tak???"

padahal ktorg anta 4 pasang.adoi gawat ni.nasib baik my mum reply balik cakap " tak boleh, kena siapkan 4-4 jugak"

yes! saya syg ibu hopefully tailor tu dpt siapkan dalam minggu ni jgk.nsb baik dia Chinese, so de xyah risau pasal raya n boleh focus buat baju.hehe.

Ok la time for me to go to sleep...jap lagi nk kne bgn sahur.msk pasta :)

Au revoir!

Sunday, August 30, 2009



1 month

x update my blog!

too busy sorting my life out may-b.

something keep mingling in my mind.


later.after dah stabil nanti saya akan jd normal balik.huhu.bye.

Friday, July 31, 2009


There will be some point in your life that you need to make a choice and be with it.

I hope the choice that I've make is the best for me even though now I feel a lil bit doubtful about it.

At one time, I totally feel that I've made the right decision (100% sure). but then the next day, its cloudy (confuse again!)

P/s: Mengapa tah mengarut cakap pasal benda ni? hmm byk sgt pkir ar ni n I'm not feeling very well.huhu

Monday, July 27, 2009

The kilt and me

Actually.I 'm not the one that wearing the kilt. Its Pete my British council trainer.He's Scottish and I think he is so cool as he wear his kilt to our last day class! cool kn? ok let me tell you a little bit about this kilt. Each kilt have its tartan pattern. For a particular pattern, its associated with individual clans or families. Fyi, at the kilt shop each clan or family have their own section and they should only buy the pattern of their clan...interesting right???

this is PETE and his kilt.nice kn??

Ok.this is me smilling widely.hehe

Hope i can meet him again someday :), I currently listen to knock you down by Keri Hilson.nice song.I even have this song as my caller ring tone. poyo je. hehe. till then night2! I need to get my beauty sleep now.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

small girl in a big world

Today, I went to Lanai Kijang, Bank Negara.nice place.really nice.hehe. Went there to attend SIDC training on capital market.waa! really had a good input from the speaker but I'm a bit slow to absorp it all in one time..but its a good thing tho as I get to feel what is it like to be in this line.
One word to describe it.TOUGH.I need to catch up so many new things fast if not I'll be totally blur and lost.!

Ok.Enough of what I did today.hee. I want to show some pics of what i did this past few weeks.

Went to Italiannise with Yazrina for Buka puasa.Yat nak fly next month.huhu.take care you :)
Our food.this is for sharing.

This pic amek mase g melaka hantar my brother.before g mkn ikan lil brother muka ngntok je bru bgn tdo.spoilt btol gmbr.hahaha.cuba tgk 2 pics ni.same je mke de.klaka.xde perasaan btol.ktorg ye2 muka dunno je.that's Khalid.suke ikot kepala sendiri macam kakak de jgk.*wink*

P/s:And good news is that for this past few weeks saya telah berjaya bangun awal and tak lambat lagi.hehe.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm LATE + traffic jam!

I started this week waking up very late and make my friends wait for me every morning.huhu.I feel very bad.Today, I've already promised myself to wake up early after this. I don't like to make people wait for me. will see how ye Azyan!!! chaiyok! and worst dah la lambat plus the jam lagi but nasib baik sempat sampai on time.thanks to taufiq for being the 'pemandu berhemah'.

Tonight i need to read more about islamic capital market.ada quiz esk!! hua! wish me gud luck!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My life at SIDC- 1st week and Jalan-jalan

Baru nak upload gambar class.hehe.ok this is my classmates kt SIDC. the tallest man at the centre is our trainer from british council.his name is Phil.

ok. this is Jackie.she's from gle blaja english ngn dorg ni.full of activities.comel kan Jackie ni? semua yg ambil gamber dgn de buat peace

This is me and Phil.he's 40++ tao.muka nmpak muda je lagi.

Ok, sebenarnya nak cerita pasal today, suppose to sent my brother to the bus station at section 17.but the tickets to Melaka all sold out.At 3pm, we were on our way to Melaka to sent him.haih.betol la my brother ni.mmg slalu cmni.before this, when he's still in lumut if no tics he will just go back on now tgh practical,mne bley buat camtu lg.

We arrived at Melaka around 5pm and went to pengkalan balak to have ikan bakar...but actually no ikan kne bakar cos my dad ordered ikan msk 3 rasa.cos my dad kata ktorg ni sme xmkn ikan bakar sgt.hee memang betol pon.

After sending him to his rumah "tumpangan" ktorg pon tros rush balik ke shah alam.smpai dalam kul 9.10 cmtu.penatnya!!! esok ada presentation on branding statement tonight have to prepare for it.hopefully everything will turn out smoothly.amin. :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Family night out

Tonight we went to Al-Rawsha KL. nice place. ramai gle org...!! myb because weekend kot.but seriously ramai sgt n all the tables are full.luckily mse ktorg sampai there's empty table. i ordered chicken kebab because for no reason i just don't like to eat lamb...the food was not bad. i give them 8/10 for the food (cm jd org food testing je). but if u want to try Arab cuisine, try al-rawsha.the price is also not starts from RM10++.

so sory i forgot to take a pic of my kebab.because i dh lapar sgt n ble dpt makanan tros je mkn.hehe :)

here's a pic of my family with their food.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Akhirnya I have the rajin to create my first post.for so long i've been waited for dis moment. FINALLY i made it! yaiy!

this blog is totally as a place for me to express myself,my opinion and my side of story...
sometimes, i feel i've been 'judged' by people without having the chance to defense myself.whatever.i just don't feel like to talk about it now because i'm suppose to be celebrating! yep.meraikan kejayaan kerana berjaya menulis first post ni.hahahahaha!


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