Monday, January 10, 2011


I woke up early today. Around 5am. Watching my roomate packing her stuff and get ready for her trip to London. I plan to fast today, thus I make milo and mushroom soup for sahur and breakfast for my rummie. I couldn't sleep right away as I was so full. So for the meantime, I watched Dear John movie. I really love it. I had to admit that it really make me touched. The movie was adapted from one of Nicholas Sparks best seller novels.

I really love to read his novels. My first ever reading his book was 'A Bend In the Road' that I got from my friend as a birthday gift. His story is really amazing. No wonder some of his best sellers was made into movies as it really has a nice storyline. I've already watched 'A walk to remember', 'The notebook' and 'Dear John'. I can't wait to watch more as each time I watch his work, it wont dissapoint me. Haha. I should have got commission for promoting this to you all. I think I'm best at marketing. Should have made this as my career afterwards.

I still haven't figured out what I want to be or where I want to work after I finished my ACCA. To be an auditor like all other accounting graduates or to take the road less taken? Whatever it will be I'm sure Allah have made a good plan for me. I just need to savour to what I have.

I've plan to make 2 entries every week. Hope I keep uo with my plans. The blog title actually refer to 'Dear John' soundtrack song that really have a lot of meanings. Enjoy my dear charmers. =)


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